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GBSM-34 Electronic Servo Motor
Our Price: $160.00
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GBSM-34 Electronic Servo Motor

Our Family Servo Brushless motor is a step above the standard servo motor. It allows further control of the speed of the motor by allowing you to program the speed ahead of your sewing as well as in much smaller increments than the standard servo motor. This makes it ideal for beginner sewers or sewers that require very specific sewing conditions such as needle up or needle down status. Once the adjustable speed is set, it remains constant no matter how hard the pedal is pressed, unlike with the Clutch motor. The Brushless Servo motor consumes less energy than the traditional Clutch motor and is more compact and light in comparison.

The Brushless Servo motor also allows for higher sewing speed of up to 4200 RPM as well as offer the ability to connect to a needle positioner. The Brushless Servo motor isn’t constantly running unlike its clutch style counter part thus the amount of heat created is almost negligible.

  • High Torque D.C. Electronic Servo Motor
  • Energy Efficient- saves up to 70% Electricity
  • Easy to adjust spped and motor direction with buttons
  • Uses same mounting holes as a clutch motor.
  • Switch with 110V socket built-in
  • No Carbon Brushes Needed
  • No Clutch Disc
  • Adjustable Belt Tightener
  • Belt Guard, Pulley and Mounting Hardware Included
  • Light Weight – 10 lbs
  • Starts up at low speed
  • Works Great with Heavy Duty Machines
  • Vibration Free, Conserves Energy and Silent When Not Running