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KRKD4048   (Kraft) Brown Paper 48"
KRKD4060   (Kraft) Brown Paper 60"
PAT15048   (Manilla) Pattern Paper 47" 150#
PAT12548   (Manilla) Pattern Paper 48" 125#
18361   1/4 Inch Clear Elastic 1000 Yds
SKU16851   10035 3-In-One Oil
18313   16L Ring Snaps Nickel 4-Part 1,000 Set
SKU17578   181C2-2 Medium Shapening Belt For Eastman 100 pieces
18616   188WA Plastic Garment Clips
D-2   2 Spool Stand
228776   2 Spool Stand Metal
82501   2-Directional Lint Brush
82623   2-in-1 Tailor Board Clapper
17557   3 1/2 Inch Round Blade for Consew 515E
18034   35/2 100% Cotton Thread White 12,000 Yds
TM9036   36 Inch Adhesive Back Tape Measure
SKU16646   45N Pattern Notcher
SKU16647   45NT1-16 Pattern Notcher 1/16"
19008   48" Lightweight Muslin 50 Yards
19009   48" Mediumweight Muslin 50 Yards
SP400   5 1/2 Inch Scissor Type Clamping Plier
D-5   5 Spool Stand
SKU17516   5728R 28mm Replacement Disks
17798   5731 Small Glue Gun
17797   5732 Large Glue Gun
17796   5742 11mmx10 Inch Large Glue Sticks
17794   5743 7.4mmx8 Inch Small Glue Sticks
SKU17514   5792R 45mm Replacement Disks
TWE6   6 Inch Deluxe Bent Tweezers
SKU16825   6500 Rayon Seam Binding 100 Yds
SKU17335   7004W Chalk Wheel
SKU17508   7818 45mm Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener
SKU17512   7880 28mm Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener
SKU17511   7881 60mm Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener
SKU17581   80C1-123 2 Inch Semi-Square Blade for Eastman P3 Chickadee
SKU17580   80C1-147 2 1/4 Inch Round Blade for Eastman D2 Chickadee II
SKU17579   80C1-149 2 1/4 Inch Hexagonal Blade for Eastman D2 Chickadee II
18657   9021A 2 Inch Webbing
SKU17574   A-113 2 Inch Heptagonal Blade for Consew RS-50SP
A6414   A6414 60 Inch Rollfix Automatic Tape Measure
SKU17604   ACE 76024 Staple Remover
tm21   Adhesive Back Table Top Tape Measurer 36 Inch
S950   Adjustable Shirring Foot
S952   Adjustable Shirring Foot
D166   Adjustable Thimble
SKU17633   Albachem Spot Lifter II
SKU17528   ALLSTAR AS-100K 2 1/2 Inch Rotary Shear
SKU18878   ALLSTAR AS-100LH 2 1/2 Inch Rotary Shear Long Handle
AS-1010   ALLSTAR AS-1010 Sharpening Stone for AS-100K
SKU17572   ALLSTAR AS-1026 2 Inch Hexagonal Blade for Allstar AS-100K
17972   ALPHASEW 141000543 Tear Away 8 Inch x 75 Ft
19006   ALPHASEW 141000543-12 Tear Away 12 Inch x 75 Ft
17970   ALPHASEW 141000544 Cut Away 8 Inch x 75 Ft
17971   ALPHASEW 141000544-12 Cut Away 12 Inch x 75 Ft
17968   ALPHASEW 141000545 Easy Tear Away 8 Inch x 75 Ft
17969   ALPHASEW 141000545-12 Easy Tear Away 12 Inch x 75 Ft
17966   ALPHASEW 141000546 Soft Tear Away 8 Inch x 75 Ft
17967   ALPHASEW 141000546-12 Soft Tear Away 8 Inch x 75 Ft
17965   ALPHASEW 141000555-12 Sticky Paper 12 Inch x 75 Ft
17964   ALPHASEW 141000557-12 Rinse Away 12 Inch x 66 Ft
17957   ALPHASEW 141000688 Black Tear Away 8 Inch x 75 Ft
17958   ALPHASEW 141000688-12 Black Tear Away 12 Inch x 75 Ft
SKU16896   ALPHASEW 27449-DLX Cone Spool Stand
270010   Aluminum Bobbin for...
DC778-34   American-Style Draftsman’s Chair
SKU17069   ARROW CM-11 Spot Cleaning Gun
SKU17662   Arrow Tag Gun
SKU17652   AVERY DENNISON 10312 Fine Tag Gun
SKU17654   AVERY DENNISON 10651 Standard Tag Gun
18309   AVM 5550 Lube Job Super Lubricant 11 oz
490358   Ball Hemmer Foot
17792   BARGE DC031 All Purpose Cement 32 fl oz
17791   BARGE DC081 All Purpose Cement 2 fl oz
18972   BB25 Bobbin Box
17789   BEACON ADHESIVES FT4OZ Fabri-Tac 4oz Bottle
17788   BEACON ADHESIVES FT8OZ Fabri-Tac 8oz Bottle
17787   BEACON ADHESIVES GEM4OZ Gem-Tac 4oz Bottle
BFBH   BFBH Magnetic Bobbin Holder
18283   BFBS Bobbin Saver Bobbin Holder
SKU17298   BFGB Grabbit Magnetic Pincushion
18281   BFNG Needle Grabbit Needle Memory
18280   BFNN Sewing Tool Caddy
18279   BFSP How To Make Sewing Patterns
18278   BFSS Scissor Spot- Pin Place Magnetic Holder
SKU17296   BFWG Wrist Grabbit Magnetic Wrist Pincushion
BH600   BH600 The Blindhemmer
SKU17083   BJSSR Bejeweler Stone Styler Rhinestone Setter
270010b   Black Bobbin for Single Needle 5 pieces
SKU18604   Black Bobbin for Single...
147150B   Black Needle Plate for Single...
B-00   Black Safety Pins 10 gross
115RI   Blue Handle Seam Ripper
52237   Bobbin Case for Single Needle...
40264ns5   Bobbin for Single Needle 5 pieces
40264NS   Bobbin for Single Needle...
259462   Bobbin Winder Small Wheel Silver...
18842   Braided Elastic Black
18842-0001   Braided Elastic Black - 1/2"
18842-0002   Braided Elastic Black - 1/4"
18842-0003   Braided Elastic Black - 1/8"
18842-0004   Braided Elastic Black - 3/8"
18841   Braided Elastic White
18841-0001   Braided Elastic White - 1/2"
18841-0002   Braided Elastic White - 1/4"
18841-0003   Braided Elastic White - 1/8"
18841-0004   Braided Elastic White - 3/8"
1034D   BROTHER 1034D 3-4 Lay-in Thread Serger with Lower Looper Threader
SKU18992   BROTHER 5300 Carrying Case
ST371HD   BROTHER ST371HD Strong and Tough
SKU18813   BSF Black Standard Fasteners (1", 2", 3")
YS-4455   Buttonhole Attachment for Single Needle Machine
SKU16717   C-THRU B-50 by Westcott 1 X 6 Inch 8THS Graph Beveled Ruler
SKU16721   C-THRU B-70 by Westcott 2 x 12 Inch 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler
SKU16723   C-THRU B-80 by Westcott 1 x 15 Inch 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler
SKU16724   C-THRU B-85 by Westcott 2 x 18 Inch 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler
SKU16725   C-THRU B-85B by Westcott 2 x 18 Inch(Black ink) 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler
SKU16726   C-THRU B-85M by Westcott 2 x 18 (Matted) 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler
SKU16727   C-THRU B-95 by Westcott English-Metric Beveled Ruler, 18 Inch
SKU16728   C-THRU B-97 24-60cm Inch-Metric Ruler
SKU16718   C-THRU by Westcott B-55 6 Inch 10ths-Metric Beveled Ruler
SKU16719   C-THRU by Westcott B-60 1 x 12 Inch 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler
SKU16720   C-THRU by Westcott B-65 12 Inch 10ths-Metric Beveled Ruler
SKU16722   C-THRU by Westcott B-75 Beveled Protractor Ruler, 12 Inch
18483   C-THRU by Westcott CR-12 Zero Hero Zero-Centering Ruler 12 Inch
18482   C-THRU by Westcott CR-18 Zero Hero Zero-Centering Ruler 18 Inch
SKU16730   C-THRU by Westcott FC-347 French Curve, 17 Inch
SKU16731   C-THRU by Westcott KT-8 3 French Curve Set
SKU16732   C-THRU by Westcott L-808 L-Square, Inch-Metric, 8-17cm
SKU16733   C-THRU by Westcott W-248 24 Inch 8ths Graph Rulers
SKU16650   C12 Pattern Hanger
18609   C15 Pattern Hook 1 Gross
SKU16651   C15-12 Pattern Hook Dozen
SKU16549   CL1 Regular Cloth Clamp With 2 Inch Wide Jaw
SKU16552   CL2 Narrow Jaw Cloth Clamp
SKU16553   CL4 Adjustable Cloth Clamp
SKU16554   CL5 Sample Cloth Clamp
SKU16555   CL6 Sample Cloth Clamp
SKU16556   CL6L Sample Cloth Clamp
SKU16557   CL8 Adjustable Cloth Clamp
7501   CLOVER Soft Cushion Rotary Cutter 28mm
19048   CLOVER 3155 Wonder Clips
18955   CLOVER 499 Slash Cutter
18962   CLOVER 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge
18959   CLOVER 625 Dome Threaded Needle Case
18961   CLOVER 9507 Seams Right
18201   CLOVER Bias Tape Maker
SKU17352   CLOVER CN418 Chacopel Fine Pencils
19031   CLOVER CN463 Seam Ripper
18179   CLOVER CN469W Chaco Liner
18174   CLOVER CN470W Chaco Liner Refill
SKU17349   CLOVER CN480W Tracing Wheel White Plastic
SKU17348   CLOVER CN481W Soft Tracing Wheel White Plastic
SKU17383   CLOVER CN482W Seam Ripper
SKU17382   CLOVER CN484W Button Hole Cutter
SKU17381   CLOVER CN485W Straight Awl
SKU17380   CLOVER CN486W Tapered Awl
SKU17347   CLOVER CN490 Hera Marker
18490   CLOVER CN493 Patwork Scissors
18489   CLOVER CN493CW Patchwork Scissors (Mini)
18488   CLOVER CN493S Patchwork Scissors (Small)
SKU17432   CLOVER CN610 Adjustable Ring Thimble
SKU17431   CLOVER CN611 Adjustable Ring Thimble with Plate
SKU17430   CLOVER CN612 Leather Thimbles
CN7518   Clover CN7518 Rotary Cutter Blade Refill-Pinking Blade 45mm
CN7519   Clover CN7519 Rotary Cutter Blade Refill- Wave Blade 45mm
SKU17620   CLOVER CN806 Shiro Tape Measure
17722   CLOVER CN8800 Embroidery Stitching Tool
17716   CLOVER CN8812 Embroidery Hoop Large
17715   CLOVER CN8813 Embroidery Hoop Small
17714   CLOVER CN8880 Needle Punch - Easy & Fun
SKU17618   CLOVER CN9100 Mini Iron II The Adapter
SKU17616   CLOVER CN9103 Adapter Tip Large
SKU17615   CLOVER CN9104 Adapter Tip Ball Tip
SKU17614   CLOVER CN9105 Adapter Slim Line Tip
SKU18314   CLOVER CN9106 Adapter Tip Hot Knife
SKU17611   CLOVER CN9107 Hot Knife Refill 5 Pcs
SKU17610   CLOVER CN9108 Cooling Tote Bag
SKU17010   CLOVER CNMCI-900 Mini Iron
SKU17009   CLOVER CNMCI-905 Mini Iron Cooling Bag
18924   CLOVER Mesh Transfer Sheet
SKU17608   CLOVER NP100H Thumb Tacks (60ea)
7512   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 18mm
7513   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 18mm 5 pack
7514   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 28mm
7515   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 28mm
7508   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 45mm
7509   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 45mm
7510   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 60mm
7511   CLOVER Rotary Cutter Blade Refill 60mm
7503   CLOVER Soft Cushion Rotary Cutter 18mm
7500   CLOVER Soft Cushion Rotary Cutter 45mm
7502   CLOVER Soft Cushion Rotary Cutter 60mm
18923   CLOVER Wide Bodkin
18612   CMOG Cutting Machine Oil 1 Gallon
18054   COATS 91380 C1730 100% Spun Polyester Style L White
18053   COATS 91380 C9710 100% Spun Polyester Style L Black
18052   COATS 91406 C1730 100% Spun Polyester Style M White
SKU17284   COLLINS C108 Glass Head Pins
SKU17424   COLLINS C112 Safety Thimble Small

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