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MO-6804S   JUKI MO-6804S High-speed, 3-thread merrow machine
MO-6814S   JUKI MO-6814S High-speed, 4-thread overlock machine
MO-6816S   JUKI MO-6816S High-speed, 5-thread overlock machine
SKU16881   JUKI MO-735 2-Needle, 2-3-4-5-Thread Overlock Machine
MP-200N   JUKI MP-200N Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine CALL TO ORDER
SKU16889   JUKI TL-2000Qi 1-Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine
SKU16418   KAI N5100 4 Inch Needle Craft Scissors
SKU16419   KAI N5100C 4 Inch Curved Needle Craft Scissors
SKU16420   KAI N5120 Thread Nippers
SKU16401   KAI N5135 5 1/2 Inch Fabric Scissors
SKU16402   KAI N5165
SKU16400   KAI N5210 8 Inch Bent Shears
SKU16423   KAI N5220 8 1/2 Inch Dressmaking Shears
18377   KAI N5220L 8 1/2 Inch Left Dressmaking Shears
SKU16427   KAI N5230 9 Inch Bent Trimmer Shears
SKU16428   KAI N5240 9 1/2 Inch Dressmaking Shears
SKU16429   KAI N5250 10 Inch Dressmaking Shears
SKU16430   KAI N5275 11 Inch Dressmaking Shears
SKU16431   KAI N5350 8 Inch Pinking Shears
17554   KM PC-701F Blades for PC-700 Procut
18368   Knitted Elastic Black
18370   Knitted Elastic Black
18368-0001   Knitted Elastic Black - 1 1/2"
18368-0002   Knitted Elastic Black - 1 1/4"
18368-0003   Knitted Elastic Black - 1"
18370-0001   Knitted Elastic Black - 1/2"
18370-0002   Knitted Elastic Black - 1/4"
18368-0004   Knitted Elastic Black - 2"
18368-0005   Knitted Elastic Black - 3/4"
18370-0003   Knitted Elastic Black - 3/8"
18367   Knitted Elastic White
18369   Knitted Elastic White
18367-0001   Knitted Elastic White - 1 1/2"
18367-0002   Knitted Elastic White - 1 1/4"
18367-0003   Knitted Elastic White - 1"
18369-0001   Knitted Elastic White - 1/2"
18369-0002   Knitted Elastic White - 1/4"
18367-0004   Knitted Elastic White - 2"
18367-0005   Knitted Elastic White - 3/4"
18369-0003   Knitted Elastic White - 3/8"
18107   KRC Rabbit Disappearing Chalk 50 Pieces
SKU16658   L19 1/2 Inch Staples
SKU16659   L19 1/4 Inch Staples
SKU16660   L19 3/8 Inch Staples
L19   L19 Pattern Tacker
BR1   Large Lint Brush
18455   LEE PRODUCTS Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener (Sz 3/8 Oz, 1-3/4 Oz)
31358HN   Left Hinged Zipper Foot
M1-C   LINKO Hi-Speed Clutch Motor
LT40   Loop Turner
MG1   Magnetic Gauge
MP45   Marking Paper 45 Inch
MP48   Marking Paper 48 Inch
MP60   Marking Paper 60 Inch
SKU17568   MB-90-152 3 1/2 Inch Round Blade for AS-350, LC-90, or MB-90
SKU17532   MICROTOP MB-90 3 1/2 Inch Round Knife
18866   MICROTOP SM-201L Drill Machine
SKU17017   MSB-3 Sleeve Board
SKU16436   MUNDIAL 270-6 Bent Trimmers 6 Inch Knife Edge
SKU16437   MUNDIAL 270-7 Bent Trimmers 7 Inch Knife Edge
SKU16438   MUNDIAL 270-8 Bent Trimmers 8 Inch Knife Edge
SKU16439   MUNDIAL 270-8SR Bent Trimmers 8 Inch Serra Sharp
SKU16440   MUNDIAL 271-8 Bent Trimmers 8 Inch True Left Hand, Knife Edge
SKU16444   MUNDIAL 490-9 Stay-Set Bent Trimmers 9 Inch Heavy Duty, Knife Edge
M493-10   MUNDIAL 493-10 True Left Hand Stay-Set Bent Trimmers 10 Inch Heavy Duty, Knife Edge
SKU16447   MUNDIAL 498-10 Stay-Set Bent Trimmers 10 Inch Knife Edge
SKU16448   MUNDIAL 498-12 Stay Set Bent Trimmers 12 Inch Knife Edge
18554   MUNDIAL 585 Applique Scissors 6 Inch
SKU16453   MUNDIAL 830-4 Pocket Scissors 4 Inch Chrome-Plated
SKU16455   MUNDIAL 870-8 Dressmaker Shears 8 Inch Chrome-Plated Free Safety Sheath
SKU17741   MY-T-FINE BS1 Replacement Blades
18984   NBT Size A Skeins
18973   NBT Size A Skeins Color Chart
147150   Needle Plate for Single Needle...
17833   Nickel Safety Pins 10 gross
17845   Nickel Safety Pins 10 gross
82443   Non-Stick Pressing Sheet
SKU16654   NPT10 Needle Point Pattern Tracer
18275   OLFA 180 Standard-Duty Slide Lock Cutter
18296   OLFA CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter
18294   OLFA RB18-2 18mm Rotary Blade, 2-pack
SKU16403   OMNIGRID 2062 8 Inch Fabric Scissors same as KAI N5210
SKU16404   OMNIGRID 2063 Ergonomic Thread Nippers
SKU16405   OMNIGRID 2064 4 Inch Needlecraft Scissors same as Kai N5100
SKU17494   OMNIGRID O12WG 9 x 12 Inch Cutting Mat
SKU17493   OMNIGRID O18WG 12 x 18 Inch Cutting Mat
SKU17492   OMNIGRID O24WG 18 x 24 Inch Cutting Mat
SKU17491   OMNIGRID O36WG 24 x 36 Inch Cutting Mat
SKU17495   OMNIGRID O9WG 6 x 9 Inch Cutting Mat
SKU16614   OPEN DATA XP3-22 Label Gun
SKU16615   OPEN DATA XP3-26 Label Gun
SKU16616   OPEN DATA XPAD Ink Roller
510   Open End Thimble
SKU16923   ORGAN NEEDLES 15x1 BP Ball Point Machine Needles 10 pieces per pack
SKU16924   ORGAN NEEDLES 15x1 Sharp Point Machine Needles 10 pieces per pack
16x231BP   ORGAN NEEDLES Ball Point Single...
251LGBP   ORGAN NEEDLES Blindstitch...
175X7BP   ORGAN NEEDLES Button Sew Machine...
UY128GASBPCS   ORGAN NEEDLES Coverstitch Cool Sew
18674   ORGAN NEEDLES Embroidery Machine Needles
88X1BP   ORGAN NEEDLES Old Style Singer...
B-27BP   ORGAN NEEDLES Overlock Machine...
B-27BPCS   ORGAN NEEDLES Overlock Machine...
29-34   ORGAN NEEDLES Portable...
16X231BPCS   ORGAN NEEDLES Single Needle...
16X257LR   ORGAN NEEDLES Single Needle...
135X17BP   ORGAN NEEDLES Walking Foot...
135X5BP   ORGAN NEEDLES Zigzag Machine...
SKU16982   PACIFIC PSI-5E Gravity Feed Iron
SKU17019   PACIFIC STEAM PSV-155 120V Vacuum Board
PC   Pattern Chart 100 pieces
MX3216   PEGASUS MX3216 High-speed, 5-thread overlock machine
MX5204   PEGASUS MX5204 High-speed, 3-thread merrow machine
MX5214   PEGASUS MX5214 High-speed, 4-thread overlock machine
W3562P-01   PEGASUS W3562P-01 High-speed, Flat-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine
18358   PERFECT Sew-On Hook Fastener Tape Black
18356   PERFECT Sew-On Hook Fastener Tape White
18355   PERFECT Sew-On Loop Fastener Tape Black
18357   PERFECT Sew-On Loop Fastener Tape White
SKU17096   PGM MODEL FORMS Men Professional Form w/ non-Collapsable Shoulders - Sizes 36-40
SKU17097   PGM MODEL FORMS Missy Full Body Professional Dressmaker Form w/ Collapsable Shoulders - Sizes 4-12
SKU17098   PGM MODEL FORMS Missy Professional Dressmaker Form w/ Collapsable Shoulders - Sizes 4-12
18432   PIECEMAKERS 12-D7 Doll Making Needles 7 Inch
PO10   Plastic Oiler with Metal Tip
ULTRAPLOT48   Plotter Paper 48" 200yds
ULTRAPLOT63   Plotter Paper 63" 200yds
SKU17143   PMI 14100 Lint Buster with Handle
17772   PMI 14100B Lint Buster with Handle 12 pieces
SKU17142   PMI 14300 Lint Buster Refill
17771   PMI 14300B Lint Buster Refill 12 pieces
17883   PRYM 110200 Lill Steel #8 1 LB
17882   PRYM 110600 Pleating Extra Fine Steel #12 1 LB
17881   PRYM 111200 Satin Fine Steel #17 1 LB
17875   PRYM 119500 Satin Extra Fine Steel #21 1 LB
17874   PRYM 197100 Stainless Steel Pins #17
SKU17824   PRYM 390202 Sport Snaps 10 sets
17823   PRYM 390321 Anorak Snaps Nickel 10 sets
17822   PRYM 390327 Anorak Snaps Black 10 sets
17821   PRYM 651420 Vario Plier Kit
17877   PRYM Bank Pins Heavy Steel 1 LB
17850   PRYM Black Ball Pins 5,000 pieces
17854   PRYM Color Ball Pins 5,000 pieces
17886   PRYM DORCAS Dressmaker Steel Pins 1 LB
17880   PRYM Dressmaker Medium Steel 1 LB
17905   PRYM Eyes 1 GG
17910   PRYM Hooks 1 GG
17900   PRYM Loops 1 GG
17903   PRYM Pants Eyes (Nickel, Black)
17908   PRYM Pants Hooks (Nickel, Black)
17870   PRYM Sew-On Snaps 1 GG
17863   PRYM Steel T-Pins 1/2 LB
18797   PRYM White Ball Pins 1,000 pieces
18797-0001   PRYM White Ball Pins 1,000 pieces - 24 - 1 1/2"
18797-0002   PRYM White Ball Pins 1,000 pieces - 28 - 1 3/4"
17852   PRYM White Ball Pins 5,000 pieces
17852-0001   PRYM White Ball Pins 5,000 pieces - 17 - 1 1/16"
17852-0002   PRYM White Ball Pins 5,000 pieces - 20 - 1 1/4"
1-2153   PTFE COVER 11 X 15
1-2155   PTFE COVER 16 X 16
24983MT   PTFE Foot
24983NT   PTFE Foot
SKU18981   PTFE Shoe for Home Iron
MT-3   PTFE Zipper Foot
SKU16655   PU10 Pattern Punch
SKU17488   QUILTER'S RULE SF18x24T Pinnable Gridded Rotary Mat
SKU17487   QUILTER'S RULE SF24x36T Pinnable Gridded Rotary Mat
SKU17485   QUILTER'S RULE SF40x36T Pinnable Gridded Rotary Mat
SKU17484   QUILTER'S RULE SF40x60T Pinnable Gridded Rotary Mat
SKU17483   QUILTER'S RULE SF40x72T Pinnable Gridded Rotary Mat
SKU17482   QUILTER'S RULE SF48x96T Pinnable Gridded Rotary Mat
SKU17602   R13-6 1/4" Staples
SKU16830   R5474 Stitch Witchery Bonding Web 100 yards
SKU17601   RAPID HD12-12 Long Reach Stapler
SKU17599   RAPID K1 Plier Stapler
SKU17596   RAPID R19 Hammer Tacker
SKU17597   RAPID R23 Fineline Tacker
SKU17598   RAPID R3 Staple Remover
K100   Red Blower
24983   Regular Foot
RX-518   REX RX-518 Portable Blindstitch Machine
S60   Right Angle Binder Sets for Single Needle Machine
12435HN   Right Hinged Zipper Foot
SKU17480   RIT DYE RL-1 Liquid Lemon Yellow
SKU17477   RIT DYE RL-10 Liquid Wine
RL-12   RIT DYE RL-12 Liquid Fuchsia
SKU17476   RIT DYE RL-13 Liquid Purple
SKU17475   RIT DYE RL-15 Liquid Black
SKU17474   RIT DYE RL-16 Liquid Tan
RL-17   RIT DYE RL-17 Liquid Violet
SKU17473   RIT DYE RL-20 Liquid Cocoa Brown
RL-23   RIT DYE RL-23 Liquid Cherry Red
SKU17472   RIT DYE RL-25 Liquid Dark Brown
RL-27   RIT DYE RL-27 Liquid Evening Blue
SKU17471   RIT DYE RL-29 Liquid Royal Blue
SKU17470   RIT DYE RL-30 Liquid Navy Blue
SKU17469   RIT DYE RL-32 Liquid Kelly Green
RL-34   RIT DYE RL-34 Liquid Taupe
SKU17468   RIT DYE RL-35 Liquid Dark Green
SKU17467   RIT DYE RL-36 Liquid Denim Blue

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