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SKU17282   COLLINS C119 Pearl Head Pins
SKU17281   COLLINS C131 Quilter's Safety Pins
SKU17280   COLLINS C132 Quilter's Safety Pins
SKU17125   COLLINS C139 14-1 Measuring Gauge
18439   COLLINS C155 Flat Flower Pins-Bonus Pack
SKU17241   COLLINS C246 Nylon Snaps
SKU17307   COLLINS C250 120 Inch Tape Measure
SKU17341   COLLINS C3091 Soapstone Fabric Marker
17779   COLLINS C31 Fabric Glue Stick
SKU17372   COLLINS C3150 Bamboo Point Turner & Creaser
18194   COLLINS C3168 Bamboo Stiletto
18230   COLLINS C324 100% Nylon Wonder Invisible Thread Clear 1500 Yds
SKU17428   COLLINS C52 Needle Nest
18964   COLLINS C555 Stitch Witchery®
SKU19033   COLLINS C60 Tweezers 6 Inch
SKU16715   COLLINS C72 6 Inch Design Ruler
SKU17343   COLLINS C83 Quilter's Silver Marking Pencil
SKU17426   COLLINS C95S Leather Thimble
SKU16716   COLLINS C96 Quilt & Sew Ruler
SKU17153   COLLINS C99 D-Fuzz-It Sweater Comb
18963   COLLINS Hem and Cuff Tape
211   Compensating Foot
D896   Cone Thread Holder
SKU16823   CONSEW 206RB-5 Single Needle Walking Foot Machine
515E   CONSEW 515E 3-1/2" round knife cutter
75T   CONSEW 75T Portable Blindstitch Machine
SKU17591   CONSEW 818 KM Straight Knife
SKU17591-0002   CONSEW 818 KM Straight Knife (Sz 6, 8,10) - 6 Inch
SKU17591-0001   CONSEW 818 KM Straight Knife 10 Inch
SKU17591-0006   CONSEW 818 KM Straight Knife 10 Inch
SKU17591-0004   CONSEW 818 KM Straight Knife 6 Inch
SKU17591-0003   CONSEW 818 KM Straight Knife 8 Inch
SKU17591-0005   CONSEW 818 KM Straight Knife 8 Inch
CN2053R-1   CONSEW CN2053R-1 Single needle lockstitch zig-zag machine
CS-1   Cost Sheet
18885   Coupon Tag Strung White Large
SKU17029   Cover for MSB-3 Sleeve Board
18983   Crafter's Comfort Glove (Sz S, M, L)
17820   CS OSBORNE 223 Revolving Punch Plier
SKU16644   CS OSBORNE 4-1 Scratch Awl
18812   CS OSBORNE B1 Grommets Black
17814   CS OSBORNE G1 Grommets Gold
18191   CS OSBORNE K229-24 Snap Fastener Kit
18169   CS OSBORNE K231 Grommet Kit Nickel
17806   CS OSBORNE K257-00 Size 00 Grommet Plier with Hole Punch
17830   CS OSBORNE K4721-24-C #24 Antique Snaps 100 sets
17829   CS OSBORNE K5708-11-C #24 Nickel Snaps 100 sets
17828   CS OSBORNE K5713-16-C #24 Black Snaps 100 sets
17827   CS OSBORNE K5717-20-C #24 Gold Snaps 100 sets
17801   CS OSBORNE N1 Grommets Nickel
18187   CS OSBORNE N1S Grommets Nickel 24 Sets
18969   CS Osborne Scallop Scissor
SKU17041   Cutting Machine Oil 12 oz
CT   Cutting Ticket
SKU16745   CW24 60 Inch Tape Measure
SKU16558   CWT Cloth Weight
18999   D212 Cover Button Templates
SKU17565   D28507N Scissor Blade with Shoe
18610   D400 Dario Grad-O-Meter Grading Machine
19045   D80-21-1 Sew-On Snaps Black Size 10
19044   D80-21-65 Sew-On Snaps Nickel Size 10
18863   Dario Grad-O-Meter Carrying Case
S521   Deluxe Hinged Quilter Foot
SKU17000   Demineralizer
18906   Designer's Curve
SKU16639   DIAMOND China Marker
SKU16641   DIAMOND Washout Textile Pencils
511   Dome Top Thimble
508LS   Double Fold Plain Binder for Single Needle Machine
16394   DRAGONFLY Tailoring Scissor
SKU17371   DRITZ D633 Button Gauge & Point Turner
SKU17425   DRITZ 162-P Safety Thimble Petite
17421   DRITZ 162-XL Safety Thimble Extra Large
SKU17115   DRITZ 1750A Twin-Fit Dressform Small
SKU17114   DRITZ 1751B Twin-Fit Dressform Medium
SKU17113   DRITZ 1752P Twin-Fit Dressform Petite
SKU17112   DRITZ 1753C Twin-Fit Dressform Large
SKU17111   DRITZ 1754D Twin-Fit Dressform Full-Figure
SKU17517   DRITZ 20000 Little Miss My Double Dressform
SKU17110   DRITZ 20075 My Double Dressform Petite
SKU17109   DRITZ 20100 My Double Dressform Small
SKU17108   DRITZ 20200 My Double Dressform Medium
SKU17106   DRITZ 20300 My Double Dressform Full-Figure
SKU17107   DRITZ 20405 My Double Deluxe Dressform Small
SKU17105   DRITZ 20406 My Double Deluxe Dressform Medium
SKU17279   Dritz 3022 2″ Basting Pins
SKU17420   DRITZ 3050 Quilter's Curved Needles
SKU17378   Dritz 3310 Wash-A-Way Wonder Tape
17780   DRITZ 398 Unique Stitch
SKU17373   Dritz 636 Point Turner and Seam Creaser
SKU17242   Dritz 85 Clear Sew-On Snaps
18954   DRITZ Curved Blade Seam Ripper
SKU17180   DRITZ D1-35 Grommets
SKU17179   DRITZ D1-38 Grommets
SKU17178   DRITZ D1-65 Grommets
SKU17258   DRITZ D100 T-Pins
SKU17257   DRITZ D101 T-Pins
SKU17174   DRITZ D104 Eyelets
SKU17176   DRITZ D104-35 Eylets Brass
SKU17175   DRITZ D104-65 Eyelets Nickel
D1044   DRITZ D1044 24x36 Inch Cutting Mat
D1045   DRITZ D1045 18 inch x 24 inch Mat
SKU17498   DRITZ D1046 12 x 18 Inch Cutting Mat
SKU17172   DRITZ D104T Eyelet Tools
SKU17496   DRITZ D1086 Mat Smoother
SKU17256   DRITZ D111 Long Color Ball Pins
SKU17255   DRITZ D112 Extra-Long Color Ball Pins
SKU17218   DRITZ D115-65 Snap Fasteners Nickel
SKU17217   DRITZ D116-65 Snap Fasteners Nickel
SKU17167   DRITZ D13-20 Cover Button Refill Sz 20
SKU17166   DRITZ D13-24 Cover Button Refill Sz 24
SKU17165   DRITZ D13-30 Cover Button Refill Sz 30
SKU17164   DRITZ D13-36 Cover Button Refill Sz 36
SKU17163   DRITZ D13-45 Cover Button Refill Sz 45
SKU17253   DRITZ D1310 Quilting Pins
SKU17254   DRITZ D133 Craft Pins
SKU17162   DRITZ D14-20 Cover Button Kit Sz 20
SKU17161   DRITZ D14-24 Cover Button Kit Sz 24
SKU17160   DRITZ D14-30 Cover Button Kit Sz 30
SKU17159   DRITZ D14-36 Cover Button Kit Sz 36
SKU17158   DRITZ D14-45 Cover Button Kit Sz 45
SKU17252   DRITZ D1465 Quilter's Safety Pins
SKU17251   DRITZ D1466 Quilter's Safety Pins
18977   DRITZ D15-65 Snap Fasteners Nickel
18976   DRITZ D15-9 Snap Fasteners White
SKU17401   DRITZ D154 2 Long Doll Needles
SKU17399   DRITZ D156 Quilting Needles Asst
SKU17398   DRITZ D157 Doll Needles
SKU17397   DRITZ D158 Craft Needles Asst
SKU17396   DRITZ D160 Needles Asst
SKU17369   DRITZ D161 Needle Pullers
SKU17148   DRITZ D1674 Fray Check Bonus Pack
SKU17229   DRITZ D16K Easy Attacher Kit
SKU17228   DRITZ D16P Plier Kit
18978   DRITZ D17-1Pearl Snap Fasteners Button
SKU17184   DRITZ D193 Sew On Skirt and Eye Closures
SKU17177   DRITZ D1P Grommet Plier
SKU17276   DRITZ D21 Extra-Long Satin Pins
SKU17275   DRITZ D22 Dressmaker Pins
SKU17274   DRITZ D23 Silk Pins
SKU17226   DRITZ D24P Heavy Duty Plier Kit
SKU17223   DRITZ D25-13 Pearl Snap Fasteners Black
SKU17221   DRITZ D25-R Pearl Snap Fasteners White
SKU17273   DRITZ D26 Satin Pins
SKU17146   DRITZ D26615 Knit Picker
SKU17361   DRITZ D27081-6 Start-To-Sew Kit
SKU17271   DRITZ D28 Pleating Pins
SKU18422   Dritz D3004 Extra-Fine Glass Head Pins
SKU17169   DRITZ D33575-35 Large Eyelets Gilt
SKU17168   DRITZ D33575-65 Large Eyelets Nickel
17781   DRITZ D397 Instant Vinyl
SKU17214   DRITZ D4-35 6 Jean Buttons Gilt
SKU17213   DRITZ D4-38 6 Jean Buttons Antique
SKU17212   DRITZ D4-65 6 Jean Buttons Nickel
SKU17268   DRITZ D42 Applique Pins
SKU17267   DRITZ D45 Long Ball Point Pins
SKU17419   DRITZ D47 Plastic Sewing Needles
SKU17418   DRITZ D48 Ball Point
SKU17236   DRITZ D5-1 Heavy Duty Snaps Nickel
SKU17235   DRITZ D5-2 Heavy Duty Snaps White
SKU17234   DRITZ D5-3 Heavy Duty Snaps Black
SKU17233   DRITZ D5-4 Heavy Duty Snaps Brown
SKU17232   DRITZ D5-5 Heavy Duty Snaps Navy
SKU17231   DRITZ D5-6 Heavy Duty Snaps Brass
SKU17417   DRITZ D54 Repair Needles
SKU17008   DRITZ D561 Seam Roll
SKU17007   DRITZ D562 Dressmaker's Ham
SKU17416   DRITZ D56B- Quilting Betweens
SKU17414   DRITZ D56BD Beading Needles
SKU17415   DRITZ D56BD-10 Beading Needles
SKU17413   DRITZ D56C-2 Crewel Needles
SKU17412   DRITZ D56CD-15 Cotton Darners
SKU17411   DRITZ D56CH-1822 Chenille Needles
SKU17410   DRITZ D56D Soft Sculpture Doll
SKU17409   DRITZ D56E- Embroidery Needles
SKU17408   DRITZ D56G Glovers Leather Needles
SKU17407   DRITZ D56M-39 Milliners
SKU17406   DRITZ D56RE Ribbon Embroidery Needles
SKU17405   DRITZ D56S- Sharps Needles
SKU17404   DRITZ D56T- Tapestry Needle
SKU17403   DRITZ D56YD Yarn Darners
SKU17402   DRITZ D57 Assorted Needles
SKU17173   DRITZ D574 Eyelet Plier Kit
18814   DRITZ D607 Pattern Weights
SKU17305   DRITZ D617 Ezy-Hem Gauge
SKU17151   DRITZ D618 Snag Nab-It
SKU17264   DRITZ D62 Skirt-Kilt Pins
SKU17265   DRITZ D62-65 Skirt-Kilt Pins
SKU17304   DRITZ D620 Sewing Gauge
SKU17147   DRITZ D6200 Compact Lint Shaver
SKU16734   DRITZ D621 See-Thru Dressmaker's Ruler
SKU17366   DRITZ D622 Beeswax with Holder
SKU17338   DRITZ D632-66 Double Faced Wax-Free Tracing Paper
SKU17337   DRITZ D634-66 Wax Free Tracing Paper
SKU17150   DRITZ D646 Ezy-Zipper Glide
18248   DRITZ D651500 Color Snap Tools
18244   DRITZ D651505 Color Snaps Red
18236   DRITZ D652100 Jean Rivet Tools

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